Wind Power! A very efficient and simple way to run your homestead, farm, or off-grid (or energy efficient) home.

With Wind Compressors you can store energy and use it for water pumping (even a deep well pump), shop equipment (numerous electric free tools), appliances, fans, pond aeration, automotive tools and tire inflation, air motors & pneumatic tools/equipment, oil wells, and even create free electricity.

The possibilities with wind and stored air are endless!

At Twisted O Ranch we sell the most powerful Wind Compressor on the market with the highest output of ANY wind powered air compressor available. Our Wind Compressors truly blow away the competition.

In our opinion wind powered air compressors are the greatest alternative and off-grid energy sources available.

  • Simple in design, not overly complicated to design a system
  • No electrical components or electricians needed
  • Readily available parts and accessories from your local hardware store
  • Easy to find tools, appliances, and equipment (some available here)
  • Safe and environmentally friendly energy storage
  • No expensive batteries to store, maintain, and replace
  • With stands many weather conditions (won’t stop when the sun is hidden, or stop from varying weather temperatures)
  • Easy and simple maintenance, and no tower climbing

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