Water well pumps that run on compressed air. No electric! Don’t worry when the power goes out, your water will still be right there like any other day. Environmentally friendly and off-grid energy. Don’t rely on unreliable electric for your life sustaining water needs.

These pumps work much like a cylinder pump, with air doing the job of the plunger.  The fluid flows in through the foot valve, the float rises when the pump is full, this switches on the air which pushes the fluid up the pipe.  When the pump is empty the float drops, which closes the air inlet (to save air) and opens the exhaust to release the air and let it fill again.

The exhaust air can be routed to a pond to use for aeration!

All of our pumps have a stainless steel casing.

Pump up to 28,200 gallons per day.

Will pump from a depth of over 1,500 feet.

Pump up to 210 psi of fluid pressure.

Large Well Pump
The large all-around well pump.
Priced at $

Specifications: 4½” x 54”, ¾” check valve16.0 GPM     65 PSI     7.5 CFM16.5 GPM     75 PSI     9.0 CFM18.0 GPM     85 PSI     9.0 CFM

High Output Pump
The higher output pump.
Priced at $

Specifications: 4½” x 48”, 1” check valve16.5 GPM         65 PSI     7.0 CFM17.5 GPM         75 PSI     8.5 CFM18.5 GPM         85 PSI     9.0 CFM20.0 GPM     105 PSI     10.0 CFM

Transfer Pump
6” x 24” pump.
Priced at $

Specifications: 6” x 24”, ¾” check valve15.75 GPM     50 PSI     3.5 CFM16.50 GPM     60 PSI     4.0 CFM17.50 GPM     70 PSI     4.5 CFM18.75 GPM     80 PSI     5.0 CFM
Standard Well Pump
Designed for a standard well where the
4½” x 54” will not fit.
Priced at $

Specifications: 3½” x 54”, ¾” check valve14.0 GPM         65 PSI     7 CFM14.5 GPM         75 PSI     7 CFM15.0 GPM         85 PSI     8 CFM16.0 GPM     105 PSI     9 CFM

Small Well Pump (Higher Output)
Designed for a smaller well where the 4” x 48”
will not fit, but offering higher output.
Priced at $

Specifications: 3” x 72”, 1” check valve13.5 GPM         65 PSI     6.0 CFM14.0 GPM         75 PSI     6.5 CFM15.0 GPM         85 PSI     7.0 CFM16.0 GPM     105 PSI     8.0 CFM17.0 GPM     115 PSI     9.0 CFM

Click here to calculate gallons per foot of pipe.

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